Three time Governor candidate Christian Pierre Joubert, a retired professor of public international law, organic farmer, naturopath and wine expert, declared the ushering in of a new Holistic Civilization Action Plan via Washington State’s Gubernatorial race in 2008. In this Plan of Action, Christian outlined his twelve  fundamental principles that make up his core political and cultural beliefs.  (1)

Thanks to the Washington State’s printed primary voters’ pamphlet, distributed to close to four millions Washingtonian electors, Christian’s platform became the State’s third political force, harvesting twice as many votes as the Green party candidate.


From 2008 to 2012, the momentum continued, but it was abruptly halted by Washington State’s Democrat-Republican 2012 Legislature whose members decided to stop financing the primary voters pamphlets.  (2)

Christian nonetheless introduced an improved version of his 2012 Platform’s gubernatorial plan of action elections with the reasonable expectation that the 2016 Legislature would finance the State’s printed voters pamphlet, thanks to which Christian’s Holistic Governance momentum could  flourish. (To view the 2012 TVW Holistic Governance Speech, please click here).

However, the 2016 Legislature decided against this appropriation. See Joubert’s explanation and subsequent reaction to this in his 2016 TVW public speech.


Christian’s  gubernatorial motivation is fueled less by political ambition than by an awakened epiphany on the historical necessity to  put in place a New Form of  Governance, one based on the public awareness that the People’s basic needs, first and foremost their wellbeing,  must prevail over today’s Democratic and Republican competitive self-aggrandizement agenda.

In support of Christian’s holistic message, the polls (public opinion) confirm the People’s growing (and healthy) rejection of the Democrat-Republican two-party system of things.

“People like to say that the country is more divided than ever,” Caddell said, “but in fact the country is united about one thing: that the political class does not represent them, that the system is rigged against them. There is a belief that the system is rigged, and that’s what we need to understand.” (Source: Huffinton).

A pro-active dutiful holistic culture may therefore be an idea whose time has come.

For Christian’s gubernatorial and constitutional priorities, click here. For more on Christian’s education and experience, click here.  For Christian’s qualifications to be Washington State’s next governor, click here. 


“As the brightest minds and political philosophers of the International Community have reminded us over the last six decades, “Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized”. Article 28 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. By requesting Government agents to abide by this universal provision (Article 28) which incorporates a perfected version of the U.S. Bill of Rights,  we are engaging in holistic responsibility”.  Christian Pierre Joubert, gubernatorial candidate.


(1). For a review of these twelve principles, please click this link.

(2). Contrarily to 2008, in 2012, Washington State’s Legislature decided to stop the financing of the primary voters’ pamphlet. At that time, Joubert wrote to the Secretary of State to protest against this unconstitutional measure which necessarily impaired third parties’ electoral campaigns and the electors rights to fair elections. As a result, the two largest parties who had the funds to reach most of the 4 million Washingtonian voters, the Democrats and Republicans, were able to prevail.

“Christian Joubert, the third of the lesser-known candidates who also ran in 2008, is again running on a holistic platform. He believes “the governor’s first job is to help lead the State community back to holistic health, to teach how to be healthy, as health is the most important resource of the Nation, without which individual freedoms are meaningless.” Ballotpedia 2012


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